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Daniels' Running Formula-3rd Edition - Jack Daniels


Training should be rewarding.という名言。



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Thinking of rest as part of training, as opposed to resting in order to avoid training

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important principles of training, including how the body reacts to stress and the benefits of various types of training.

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“What is the purpose of this workout?”

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These ingredients are, in their order of importance, inherent ability, intrinsic motivation, opportunity, and direction.

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for about four weeks before demanding or taking on more. Let the body adjust to one level of stress

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6. Training should be rewarding.

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8. Don’t train when sick or injured.

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A good run or race is never a fluke.

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discovering what works best for each person is what makes running so exciting and fun.

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The question is do runners always understand why they are doing what they are doing?

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reaction? It is during the recovery, or rest time, between bouts of stress that the strengthening takes place.

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when a new level of fitness is desired, the training stress has to increase.

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this imply that anyone ever reaches her absolute limits, but it certainly does suggest that everyone has seasonal limits.

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“Prove to me in a race that you are ready to train faster.”

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When increasing the training stress, always stay at a chosen degree of stress for 4 to 6 weeks before making changes.

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starting to feel too easy

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Try to avoid placing each foot out in front of yourself, which often acts as a braking action, increasing the impact force as you go from one foot to the other. Try to have your feet land closer back, toward your center of gravity, so your body is floating (or rolling) over your feet.

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So, fairly easy running is a good developer of the heart muscle, and although it doesn’t feel as if you are working very hard, your heart is. Another benefit of E running is

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Even during E running, your heart is delivering a good amount of blood and oxygen to the exercising muscles, and these muscles respond by making changes in the muscle fibers that allow the muscles to accept more oxygen and convert more

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30 minutes be the minimum duration of any E run you go out for.

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Physiological benefits are really not different from those gained during E running.

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During some long, steady E runs, it is suggested that you do not take in any energy drinks so your body learns to conserve carbohydrate.

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The all-important purpose of T runs is to allow your body to improve its ability to clear blood lactate and keep it below a fairly manageable level.

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improve your endurance—teaching

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Remember, the proper pace is comfortably hard, not hard,

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training is to maximize aerobic power (O2max), and

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good amount of time to spend running at I pace is between 3 and 5 minutes.

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which are too slow (because of so much anaerobic work being done while overworking in the first one or two), you are not spending any time at your max aerobic power.